Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All Good Things...

If one believes the time stamps on these posts (and in the beginning, we didn't quite know how to manipulate them) it was exactly four years ago at this time we published our first post kicking off this adventure.  Call us sentimental but we can't think of a more perfect date and time to bring things to a close after four years and 1,428 postings.

Yep, that's right, we're calling it a quits here.  Why?  Well, if it hasn't too obvious, we just don't have the time or the temperament anymore to run this thing the way we feel we should.

When we started this blog four years ago, we didn't have much responsibility, especially at our day job, and needed something to help fill-in the time and direct our energy.  Four years later we have actual responsibility in our career and not only do we want to keep it that way, we want more.  So something had to give and while we did consider the idea of turning this into a group effort or maybe possibly petitioning to be a contributor to another group effort; we've demonstrated many times and in many forums that we just don't play well with others.  Therefore it is time for us to hang it up.

And is there any sadness in this decision?  No, not really.  We're proud of what we've done here.  Chronicling the insanity of Larry Brooks, taking stands against Ultimate Fighting on Ice along with blogger access to press boxes, and insulting Yinzers and Canadian Diving Team Captain, Secondary Assist Lowblow Cindy Crosby at every opportunity.  Oh, and laughing at the denizens of Darwin's Waiting Room and their old daycare provider too was always a hoot.  Furthermore, with the 15,487,920,325 (and counting) active Caps blogs out there, we feel that the field is well covered.  Besides, we've seen the site traffic numbers, we know we won't be missed.

The one thing that does disappoint us is that after chronicling this team during the lean years when the team stunk to the high heavens and was really tough to watch; we're now getting out when the team is really, really good and a Stanley Cup is on the way.  But that's just our lot in life and we can only play the hand that we're dealt.  In some ways, we think we'll get to enjoy the Cup more because we well just be a fan and not somebody trying to divine some larger meaning in all of it to share with the rest of the world.

We'd like to thank all the folks who took the time to stop on by on anything that even remotely resembles a regular basis and all the other folks out there who threw links our way over the years, even if they were eventually deleted.  We also would be very remiss if we didn't throw a shoutout of Thanks to Eric McErlain whom we've never met in any fashion yet gave us link after link on his Venerable Off Wing Opinion early on and helped us to build a following.  We'd also like to Thank Steinbog for reaching out to us in the early days of this blog and for continuing to put up with us.  If you want our opinion of where to look now with the extra five minutes of your time, spend it on Peerless Prognosticator, outside of TEB he's the only one we make a point to read on a regular basis mostly because he's kept his senses, remembered what a blog is supposed to be all about, and doesn't take himself or his craft way too seriously.  

So that's it folks, it's been fun.  We'll let Google decide when to take this thing down, and if you want to know what we really think about things as they come along in the future, check out our Facebook profile.  It shouldn't be too hard to find.  We accept any and all friend requests over there and when the mood moves us, we'll post our pithy thoughts over there.  Farewell, so long, Godspeed, Alpha Michael Foxtrot, and all that jazz.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, we did activate the comments this morning on purpose because we were closing this thing down.)


At July 20, 2010 8:42 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

You're wrong. You will be missed. Enjoyed reading your rants and raves over the past few years.

At July 20, 2010 11:52 PM, Blogger Hockey Amor said...

Thanks man i've enjoyed reading you overvthe years.

luc aka Hockey Amor

At July 21, 2010 10:27 PM, Blogger Charly said...

This is a sad day.....I for one, used to check this site everyday. Even when the posts were less and less and the writing seemed to on the wall. I think you break down the little things in a hockey game very well, and I greatly enjoyed your unique views on any number of topics. Most of the other guys are spitting out the same stuff. Not over here. This place was different. All the best to you!

At July 24, 2010 3:07 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

My friend. Who ever you are, I want you to know you were the first Caps blog I read every morning. Your straight shooting analysis was much appreciated, and I will sorely miss your writing. Thanks for a great four years!

At August 06, 2010 1:02 PM, Blogger Mike said...

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At August 22, 2010 5:54 AM, Blogger Jack Hazard said...

I always enjoyed your cynic wit and brutal honesty. You will be missed.


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